Industrial Washing and Sanitizing Systems

Choose from over 80 different standard models or rely on us to custom design a solution for your particular needs.

  • Pot, Pan, and Container Washers
  • Rack, Pan, and Container Washers
  • Scale Parts Washers
  • Smoke Truck Washers
  • Vat, Bin, and IBC Tote Washers
  • Conveyorized Tunnel Washers
  • Rotary Batch Washers
  • Belt Washers
  • Barrel, Drum, and Garbage Can Washers
  • Cop Parts Washers
  • Bucket Washers
  • Wash Racks

Pots, Pans, and Container Washers

Pots, pans, and container washers come in a variety of styles and capacities. Choose from lift-door or split-door models.

Rack, Pan, and Container Washers

Rack, pan, and container washers come in a variety of styles and capacities. Installed in a pit or used with a ramp or dolly, these washers come complete with special “roll in” wash racks.

Scale Parts Washers

Scale parts washers are designed to quickly and efficiently clean detachable scale parts such as weigh and feed buckets, chutes and feeder pans.

Smoke Truck Washers

Smoke truck washers come in a variety of models to clean one to four smoke trucks at a time.

Vat, Bin and IBC Tote Washers

Vat, bin, and IBC tote washers come in a variety of styles to quickly and efficiently clean and sanitize bulk ingredient containers.

Conveyorized Tunnel Washers

Conveyorized tunnel washers quickly and efficiently clean containers of various sizes and shapes including pans, trays, molds, pallets, totes, bins, crates, baskets, barrels, drums, screens, smoke sticks, buckets, and lids.

Rotary Batch Washers

Rotary batch washers are designed to provide the same standard of cleaning effectiveness as conveyorized tunnel washers but with a more modest footprint, price, and capacity.

Belt Washers

Douglas Machines’ Cyclone Belt Washers are designed to remove fats, sugars, allergens, and oils from a wide variety of open mesh and solid conveyor belts.

Barrel, Drum and Garbage Can Washers

Barrel, drum and garbage can washers are designed to wash, rinse and sanitize barrels, drums and refuse containers, one at a time.

COP Parts Washers

COP parts washers are offered in various lengths and capacities to clean fittings, machine parts, valves and tubes in a recirculating wash tank that provides continuous, turbulent, rolling, jet action to loosen and remove soils.

Bucket Washers

Bucket washers come in two different capacities to wash buckets, lids and utensils.

Wash Racks

Wash Racks are constructed of stainless steel and are specially designed to hold a wide variety of containers.

Commercial Industrial Washers Commercial Cleaning Equipment Commercial Dishwasher Manufacturer

Industrial Washers

Commercial Washers

The ideal system for your company depends on the type and quantity of the items to be washed, the type of soil to be removed, the desired wash time, available utilities, level of flexibility, space limitations and budget considerations.

Commercial Industrial Washers Commercial Cleaning Equipment Commercial Dishwasher Manufacturer

Commercial Use

Industry Applications

Douglas Machines’ washing and sanitizing systems are designed to quickly and efficiently clean all containers common to the food, nutriceuticals, cannabis, pet food, dairy, wine, craft brewing, seafood, aquaculture and distribution industries.

Commercial Industrial Washers Commercial Cleaning Equipment Commercial Dishwasher Manufacturer


Industry Sectors

We are trusted by our customers to deliver tailored, industry-specific solutions that maximize productivity and increase the shelf life of equipment, tools, and utensils. With a high referral rate and repeat customers, it’s a proven formula for success.

washing and sanitizing systems

When Food Safety and Efficiency Count

Tackle your Food Safety and Regulatory challenges with an industrial-strength washer from Douglas Machines. Each model is skillfully designed to provide consistent results time after time all while saving labor, water, and energy.

Choose from over 80 standard models to clean trays, pans, molds, scale parts, totes, racks, belts, bins, vats, barrels, buckets, and more. Batch and continuous cleaning systems are available to clean several hundred to several thousand containers an hour.

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Let Us Help You Take Your Cleaning To New Heights

As a leading commercial washer manufacturer, we offer a variety of commercial dishwashers from container washers and rack washers to bucket washers and more. Our commercial washers are built with your specific industry and application in mind and are SMA, HACCP, and GMP compliant. No matter your washing need, we have the industrial washers suitable for you.

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Since 1979, Douglas Machines has been a specialist in the design and manufacture of automated washing and sanitizing equipment. We have developed the most comprehensive product line in the industry and enjoy an outstanding reputation for performance and reliability. Each Douglas washer is backed by one of the strongest warranty and service programs in the industry.  Training and commissioning are provided with each unit to insure proper maintenance and years of dependable, trouble free operation. 

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