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Smokehouse Rack Washer – Model STW-2000

Douglas Machines Model STW-2000 is a specialty pit-mounted smokehouse rack washer designed for the meat processing industry. It can wash and sanitize two standard-size smoke trucks at a time with a standard wash time of just 10 minutes.

Every component of this system has been designed to withstand the harsh demands of the meat and poultry industry, from stainless-steel pumps with wash-down duty motors to the 4X control panel. 

Even with its tough dependability, the STW-2000 doesn’t sacrifice efficiency. 

Contact us for details on alternative models for processing one, three, or four trucks at a time. Pass-through models are also available to separate raw & cooked materials.

STW-2000 Features

  • Rugged Stainless-Steel Construction
  • Oscillating Spray Arms
  • 40 hp Wash-Down Duty Motor
  • Recirculating Detergent Wash Tank
  • Separate Sanitizing Rinse Tank
  • Automatic Rinse Diversion
  • Adjustable Wash/Rinse Cycles
  • Easy-to-Clean Filtration System
  • Gas or Steam Booster Heating
  • Optional Wash Racks for Screens
  • One-Year Warranty Program

Durable & High-Efficiency

Not only is the STW-2000 incredibly durable, but it’s also highly efficient. This machine’s Automatic Rinse Diversion system routes most rinse water back into the drain to prevent the wash tank from being diluted. This conserves expensive detergents and significantly reduces operating costs.

Plus, like all Douglas Machines, the STW-2000 comes packing a water-efficient recirculating wash tank and a state-of-the-art high-efficiency motor. These will save you money and resources while operating your smokehouse rack washer.

Operating a Smokehouse Rack Washer

  1. Use the control panel to select your fully adjustable wash cycle.
  2. Gas or steam booster heaters maintain operating temperatures.
  3. Water pumps through oscillating spray arms.
  4. High-velocity V jets spray water to cut through dirt and grime.
  5. Optional steam fans vacate the steam before the doors open.
  6. An external filter system collects debris and prevents clogging.



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