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Model STW-2000

This pit mounted, specialty Douglas machine is designed to wash and sanitize two standard size smoke trucks at a time. From heavy-duty construction to stainless steel pumps with wash down duty motors and a 4X control panel, all components of this washing and sanitizing system have been selected to withstand the harsh demands of the meat and poultry industry and daily use with caustic detergents. See the details below for the smoke truck washer model STW-2000 or contact us for details on alternative models for processing one, three or four trucks at a time. 

STW-2000 Features

  • Rugged Stainless Steel Construction
  • Oscillating Spray Arm Assemblies
  • 40 H.P. Wash Down Duty, High-Efficiency Motor
  • Recirculating Detergent Wash Tank
  • Separate Sanitizing Rinse Tank
  • Automatic Rinse Diverter
  • Automatic Water Level Controls
  • Adjustable Wash/Rinse Cycles
  • Easy to Clean Filtration System
  • Gas, or Steam Booster Heating
  • Optional Wash Racks for Screens
  • One Year Warranty Program

Smokehouse Rack Washers

Douglas Machines’ smoke truck washers come in a variety of models to clean one to four smoke trucks at a time. A special feature of Douglas Machines’ smoke truck washers is an automatic rinse diverter system. This system keeps the wash tank from being diluted with rinse water which conserves expensive caustic detergent and significantly reduces operating costs. Regardless of the model, each Douglas Machines’ smoke truck washer features a recirculating detergent wash tank and a separate, fresh water sanitizing rinse tank.

Smokehouse Rack Washing Process

Wash water is pumped through oscillating spray arms fitted with high-velocity stainless steel V jets designed to cut and remove stubborn soils. Wash cycles are fully adjustable for various soil conditions but with a typical cycle time of just 10 minutes, clean-up is quick and economical. An external filter system with removable dump baskets collect debris and keep the nozzles from clogging. Gas or steam booster heaters maintain proper operating temperatures. Steam extractions fans are available to vacate the steam from the cabinet before the doors are opened. Pass through versions are available to segregate raw areas from cooked areas.


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