Commissioning and Demonstration Tools

Commissioning and Demonstration Tools

The Commissioning and Demonstration Tools are for the use of Service Companies as a checklist to ensure proper installation of the unit and to ensure the customer has been shown the proper use of the equipment.


The Powersink Form pertains only to the APS-50 Powersink.

Standard Equipment

The Standard Equipment Form pertains to the following models: BDW-1-HD, GCW-1, LD-6-PT, LD-10, UTM-10, SD-10, LD-12-PT, LD-12-CPT, SD-20, LD-20, LD-20-PT, LD-36, SD-36, UTC-6, 1527-N, 1536-N, 1536-B, 1536-SPW, 2554, 2554-B, 2554-SPW, 2566, 3072.

Volume Equipment

The Volume Equipment Form pertains to the following models:
STW-1000, STW-2000, STW-3000, RBW-50, RBW-74, WR-1500, WR-2000, WR-2500, WRBO-1500, WRBO-2000, WRBO-2500, VBW-1000, VBW-2000, BW1000, DVBW-1000 & TW-1000


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