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Douglas Machines Corp. New Facility Meets Demand

In response to the growing demand for the company’s line of automated washing and sanitizing equipment, in 2016, Douglas Machines Corp. relocated its manufacturing facility to a new 68,000-square-foot location in Clearwater, Florida. The move highlights a nearly two-year transformation that tripled manufacturing, assembly, testing and shipping areas. The added space, combined with state-of-the-art computer modeling technology and new metal fabricating equipment like Mazak Laser Cutters and Accurpress Press Brakes, allowed the company to increase efficiencies while improving quality.

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According to Mesh Naidoo, Marketing Manager, “One of the greatest assets in our facility is the dedicated wash test and research area to help our clients confirm cleaning effectiveness and throughput rates using different models. This will become more and more important as food companies continue to implement the guidelines outlined in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).”

Wash Test And Research Area

The wash test and research area is designed to fully demonstrate the proficiency of Douglas Machines’ washing and sanitizing systems. It’s the perfect environment to ensure quality, reinforce high food safety standards and show our commitment to putting customers first. Customers supply the containers to us, which are run through a specific machine, with video documentation of performance provided. Additionally, our commissioning and demonstration process ensures proper installation of the machine, while training the customer on standard operating procedures (SOP).




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