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The purchase of Douglas Machines Corp. equipment is the beginning of a wonderful long-lasting partnership.  Whether its product knowledge or helpful information on planning your next purchase, here’s a list of some commonly asked questions and useful information. 

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If you have any questions that you can’t find the answer to or want to share a question you feel should be included on this page, we’d love to hear from you.  Please complete the Contact Us form and a team member will be in touch.

Douglas Machines Equipment Questions

Will the equipment work for my specific industry needs?

We have provided washing and sanitizing solutions to companies in many different industries. Sometimes clients request a custom-designed solution to match their unique requirements.  Often this leads to the creation of specialty models for new or emerging industries.  When a standard model doesn’t match the need, we partner with our customer to find what works.

I researched basic equipment information on models of interest, but it doesn’t explain what upgrades and options are available that I might need.

We try not to overload you with too much information.  If you have a good understanding of what’s needed, complete the RFQproviding an image and dimensions of the container(s).  One of our experienced sales engineers will review it and call to discuss.  We’ll share our expertise and knowledge to help obtain the right equipment with the precise features to fit your specific requirements.

If I don’t attend a trade show, how can I check out the Douglas Machines Corp. product line?

Our team exhibits at 7-9 trade shows per year.  If you can’t visit us at a show, our website acts as a virtual showroom, featuring our equipment (Hyperlink to Equipment page - https://www.dougmac.com/industrial-washers/) and sharing product information. 

There’s a standing invitation for interested customers to visit our Florida headquarters.  It’s a great opportunity to tour the factory, meet our knowledgeable team, ask questions and see which model is the best fit for your requirements.

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Equipment Service Questions

How often does the equipment require servicing?

Proudly built in the USA, our equipment is made to endure years of use.  Training and commissioning are provided with each unit to ensure proper maintenance and years of dependable, trouble-free operation.

However, all models require periodic preventative maintenance.  It is recommended to have a yearly check-up.  Make an appointment with a service professional by clicking here or refer to the manual specific to the model by clicking here.

Do you have local service agents?

We offer an outstanding nationwide network of service professionals that are available to help solve any issues.  Click here to see who’s available in your area.  If you have any questions, please contact our customer service department by calling  or emailing

How do I know if your machines will clean my containers or equipment components?

We’re very proud of a special part of our new facility!  It’s a dedicated wash test and research area to help our clients confirm cleaning effectiveness and throughput rates using different models.  This investment provides a perfect environment to ensure quality, reinforce high standards and show our commitment to putting customers first.

You provide the containers, we’ll run a test using similar equipment and send a video to share the effectiveness of the testing. Customers are always invited to visit our corporate facility and experience the testing first hand

Can I trade in my machine?

Yes, trade-in allowances are offered towards the purchase of a new machine.  The allowance varies depending upon the age, heating element, options, etc.  Please consult with your sales engineer to discuss the details on upgrading to a newer machine.

What type of warranty do you have?

Douglas Machines Corp. equipment is made to last.  All models are provided with 1-year parts and labor warranty in the United States and Canada.  Exported machines (outside USA and Canada) have a 2-year parts warranty.

Do you sell used equipment?

Periodically, due to trade-ins and trade shows, Douglas Machines Corp. offers reconditioned or demonstration

equipment for sale.  These are excellent instances to purchase a high-quality model at a lesser price point. 

All units are serviced and cleaned to “as new” condition; and include a warranty.  View our current inventory now!


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