Optimize business results and gain a competitive edge with Douglas washing and sanitizing systems.

Douglas Machines has been designing and manufacturing automated washing and sanitizing equipment since 1979. With a heavy-duty washer from Douglas Machines, you can meet your food safety and regulatory challenges. Each model provides consistent results while reducing labor, water, and energy consumption.

Leading the way!

We have remained committed to providing knowledge and expertise under one roof throughout our history as a provider of automated sanitizing and washing solutions. Our goal is to meet and provide a superior alternative to manual cleaning. You can choose from over 80 automated models, which will save you time, labor, water, and energy – allowing you to increase productivity – and help you meet today’s strictest processing safety guidelines.

The 5E Standard


Maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort.


Consistent results
that can be tracked.


Straight forward to set up, operate, and maintain.


Operating resources to save time, money, and effort spent.


Conserves resources to not harm the environment.


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