Leasing is one of the fastest growing ways of acquiring equipment in business today.

From Fortune 500 companies to local family businesses, according to the Equipment Leasing Association of America, roughly 80 percent of U.S. companies lease some or all of their equipment.

A growing business often faces the need to add equipment, along with the challenges of limited cash flow. Leasing can put the equipment to work for you with real cash flow advantages and without major capital investment.  Whether its evolving food safety regulatory guidelines and standards, technological developments, labor shortages, market fluctuations or consumer habits, change impacts how business is conducted.

Staying ahead of the curve is tough.  Remaining highly competitive is a must.

Avoid These Budget Busters.

How do you compete with large corporations that have enormous budgets and manpower to purchase the best equipment when needed?

Leasing Douglas Machines Corp. equipment offers fresh opportunities. Equipment purchases that require financing will be more affordable now, rather than later. Keeping up with the pace of change necessitates acting soon.

Focus on the Outcome, not the Outlay.

Imagine the opportunity to purchase needed washing and sanitizing equipment now, without the upfront costs associated with new equipment purchases.  The latest advancements to keep you nimble in the marketplace, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a start-up or established business.  It’s within reach. 

Douglas Machines Corp. works with Tri-Lease in providing affordable, personalized, and flexible leasing options.  We make doing business together easy.

Leasing Solutions for Any Size Business

Determining whether to lease is a big decision, accordingly it’s important to understand the process.  We’ve done some of the homework for you and summarized key points. 


Leasing versus Purchasing – The Pro’s and Con’s

Say Yes to Leasing

  • Access to Equipment with less Capital (save lots of dough!)
  • Leasing preserves cash and existing credit lines
  • Leased equipment is tax deductible (it’s an operating expense)
  • Avoid new equipment sticker shock
  • Affordable monthly payments and flexible terms determined by you to meet your needs
  • Money and Time Saver (not to mention fewer headaches!)
  • Improved Productivity with Updated Quality Equipment
  • Adaptability - New or upgraded equipment can be added at any point during the lease term
  • Leasing protects against inflation
  • Quick, convenient 1-page application form

Say No to Banks

  • Can’t take advantage of tax benefits and payment deductions
  • Rates are usually floating. Monthly payments fluctuate.
  • Will lend only a portion of the equipment costs
  • Usually secured loan requiring additional collateral
  • Can’t avoid financial reporting
  • Early termination fees (Penalties)
  • Qualifying can be a challenge due to tart-up status, low credit score or bankruptcy
  • Slow, time consuming, impersonal process
  • No deferred payments due to installation of equipment


Paying cash for equipment automatically adds 30-40% to the cost when you realize that cash equates to profits and taxes are paid on profits.

Leasing is the right choice! It minimizes demands on cash flow, eliminates obsolescence, keeps your bank lines open, saves on taxes and shelters you from market changes.

Make leasing part of your business strategy by calling Douglas Machines Corp. to discuss your equipment needs and a leasing program that maximizes your funds and unleashes profitability.

Tri-Lease does all the heavy lifting.  You supply the information!  Complete the 1 page leasing application and submit it today to Brantley Denton.    

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