Sustainable Washing & Sanitizing Equipment

Sustainability - Clean Meets Green

Douglas Machines Corp. washing and sanitizing equipment was green before it became smart.  It's an exciting way of creating value while lessening the negative impact on the environment.  

Our equipment meets the latest FSMA standards, while reducing your costs and taking on the toughest container cleaning assignments.


Environment. Society. Economy.  It Matters.

The three pillars of sustainability guide our company's design and manufacturing development.  We strive to...

  • Minimize environmental impact
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase water, chemical and energy savings
  • Reduce labor, downtime, and costs
  • Maximize personnel, resources, space, and materials
  • Generate cleaning consistency and efficiency
  • Streamline effort to decrease maintenance
  • Save space while making that space work smarter
  • Create greater worker safety
By offering sustainable equipment, our customers achieve eco-friendly savings.  That's a green philosophy where everyone wins!



Hand washing containers, tools and parts is tedious, time consuming and isn't sustainability-driven.  Transitioning to an automated system has so many worthwhile advantages.

Make the commitment now.  Call or email us to discover savings while going green!


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