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Replace your old or damaged racks now with solidly constructed stainless steel racks designed to hold a wide variety of containers, utensils, and parts.

Order now and receive a 22.5% discount per rack!

You can mix and match to purchase all the racks needed at significant savings. Reduce time spent loading and unloading by having multiple racks to easily switch out during cleaning intervals.

  • Sheet Pan Racks (all models)
  • Cake Pan Racks (all model)
  • All-Purpose Utensil Racks (good for all models of Pan and Rack Washers)
  • Hinged Utensil Basket Racks (good for all models of Pan and Rack Washers)

Learn more about our custom and standard racks built for washing, storage, and transport. There are many styles and types to choose from. Racks can be designed for any weight capacity, spacing, or unique needs.


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Have a question? Our experienced sales and engineering staff is ready to assist you in identifying the very best Douglas Washer or Replacement Part to match your specific needs. Call 888-348-3947 for parts and service or email us today. We are here to help you!

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