Model IBC-1000

MODEL: IBC-1000 Tote Washer

The Douglas Machine Model IBC-1000 is designed to wash and sanitize Intermediate Bulk Containers and other large volume Totes and Bins that have access holes in the top and drain holes in the bottom. The machine features a retractable spray arm that protrudes into the container to clean the inside and a series of oscillating wash arms clean the outside.

IBC-1000 Features

  • Rugged Stainless Steel Construction
  • Separate Wash and Rinse Tanks
  • Self-Contained Water Heating
  • Automatic Water Level Controls
  • Easy to Clean, Dual Filtration System
  • UL 4X Control Panel
  • Adjustable Cycle Times
  • User Friendly, Push-Button Operation
  • Front Mounted, 25 H.P. Wash Pump
  • High Efficiency Motor
  • Protruding Spray Arm for Interior Cleaning
  • Oscillating Spray Arms for External Cleaning
  • Installed in a Pit or Used at Floor Level
  • One Year Warranty Program

IBC-1000 Tote Washer Brochure



IBC-1000 Tote Washer Specifications