Change is the only constant...and the times they are a 'changing.

The world and our backyard are drastically different than it was just weeks ago.  As we adapt to rapidly changing market circumstances, everyone in the food industry and allied services, including Douglas Machines Corp., are working hard to mitigate disruptions and keep things moving as smoothly as possible for our customers.

Americans through wartime and peacetime, have shown amazing resiliency in the face of daunting odds.  We work best when our backs are against the wall and come out swinging with new ideas and processes.

marines climbing wall


It recalls the words of Clint Eastwood, as Gunny Highway in the movie “Heartbreak Ridge”, when addressing his platoon’s comments on rising early.  “…You're Marines now. You adapt. You overcome. You improvise. Let's move!”  Marines are trained to overcome any obstacle in all situations. This mindset is created so Marines can deal with any physical, mental, or spiritual hardship during war and survive.

Those in the manufacturing and processing industries are working together in following that philosophy and it’s our mantra here at DougMac.


Food is being made.  There is no lack of supply.  Containers must be cleaned and sanitized to prevent contamination.  Retailers replenish stock as quickly as it’s received.  The impact is in shear demand numbers.  We are brothers-in-arms in a turbulent time of supply and demand.

It is estimated by the National Restaurant Association that COVID-19 will cost the food service industry $225 billion dollars.  Mass layoffs and furloughs have occurred, with many looking for work. 

To prevent the virus from spreading into manufacturing facilities, many companies are offering paid sick leave and encouraging all employees who feel ill to stay home.  This has translated into temporary relief for food service workers through hiring at supermarket chains, big box stores and other allied services.  Supply and demand.


Plants are running overtime, with tight timelines, and experienced, skilled labor at a premium.  Now infuse that labor force with an influx of temporary workers and it becomes more crucial than ever to ensure optimum food safety standards are met.  Douglas Machines Corp. will assess your current washing and sanitizing processes and provide guidance to augment or upgrade it, saving time, energy, labor and water.

Call us for assistance in lowering your cleaning downtime, increasing throughput, supplementing your manpower, and maximizing your company’s productivity.  It’s more important now than ever before. 

We’ll help you Improvise. Adapt. Overcome…and together keep Moving. 



workers using dish washing systems