Spring Into Leasing 

Food Processing and Manufacturing is a constantly changing industry.  No matter the sector, It’s important to remain competitive and keep pace with technology.  Due to a tight labor market, many companies are investing in automated systems that cut costs, reduce manpower and save time.

There’s a growing regulatory focus on food safety.  Equipment purchases that require financing are more affordable now, rather than later.  Staying ahead of the curve means acting proactively.

How can independents compete with the big boys?

Leasing Douglas Machines Corp. equipment gives you options.

   Imagine the opportunity to purchase needed washing and sanitizing equipment now, without the upfront costs associated with new equipment purchases.

Affordable.  Personalized.  Flexible. 

Leasing isn’t our core business, so we work with a trusted source that provides sensible solutions to successfully drive your business decisions and bottom line - Tri-Leasing Corp.

          Focus on the outcome, not the outlay!             





Determining whether to lease is a big decision.  Leasing does offer some great advantages over purchasing.

Leasing versus Purchasing – The Pro’s and Con’s


  • Access to Equipment with less Capital (save lots of dough)
  • Leasing preserves cash and existing credit lines
  • Leased equipment is tax deductible (it’s an operating expense)
  • Avoid new equipment sticker shock
  • Affordable monthly payments and flexible terms customized to meet your needs
  • Money and Time Saver
  • Improved Productivity with Updated Quality Equipment
  • New or upgraded equipment can be added at any point during the lease term
  • Quick, convenient 1-page application form


  • No opportunity to build equity
  • Higher interest rates
  • Early termination fees (Penalties)
  • Total cost of lease will be higher than if purchased
  • Qualifying may be a challenge due to Credit History


Eighty percent of US companies choose to lease some or all their equipment because of the many advantages lease financing provides.

The equipment you need is just a click away!

Please contact our sales engineering department to explore the possibilities.  Leasing the right Douglas Machines Corp. model to meet your needs has never been easier.