Big Picture Food Safety

Tackling food safety and regulatory challenges is top of mind, but beyond the obvious what is driving it?  What’s causing the increased spotlight and why is it impacting our industries?

The end result is ultimately the driver for why food safety is so important.


Not only have consumers expanded their palates culturally, but a growing trend is a preference for understanding the origins of the food consumed, sustainability and the locally grown, farm-to-table movement.  More types of food broadly sourced means newer, multiplied risks that must be controlled.


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Intent Driven Choices

Consumers demand choices.  But they also want to know what’s in their food, where it comes from, how it’s made, and it better be safe.  Oh, and you must be a good corporate citizen from a sustainability standpoint.

It becomes incumbent upon industries and their partners such as Douglas Machines Corp to identify ways of reducing food safety hazards, documenting operations and staying more than a step ahead of compliance with Intent-Driven HACCP and HARPC programs.

We have experienced significant industry changes because of technology, science and engineering.  Good for us and consumers.  But the only constant is change because consumers demand it. 

The Tipping Point

There is always another issue to solve, challenge to overcome or objection to defeat.  That’s the price we pay for progress and regulation.  Feel like you are in a proverbial hamster wheel?

The goal of business is to make a quality product at a good price point, effectively and efficiently, while delivering profit.  Food safety issues cause more industry costs. 

How does industry balance the needs versus costs?

Douglas Machines Corp is a small but significant piece of that puzzle by delivering automated washing and sanitizing equipment solutions that achieve consistent results while removing human error.  It eliminates labor-intensive procedures, thereby reducing man hours, and increasing efficiency.

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Are You Checking Off the Boxes?

Every little bit counts.  Think about this mental checklist as a plant manager, owner or food safety officer.

  • How much water and energy are saved with an automated cleaning system?
  • Through bulk cleaning how much time and man power will be freed up?
  • Eliminating contamination is priceless compared to a plant shutdown.
  • With high turnover, having a consistent automated cleaning program reduces errors and training time.
  • What is it worth to have a solution that eradicates bacteria, contaminants and particles in difficult or impossible to reach equipment or container areas?
  • Mitigating risk is crucial but having an outbreak is deadly.
  • How is this leveraged as a marketing tool to help educate my customers or consumers?
  • Are my competitors ahead of the curve on this?
  • Manual washing is outdated, inconsistent and ineffective.
  • Increased productivity means money. What could I add to my bottom line if I pulled the trigger on an automated washing and sanitizing system?

Experience Mixed with Best Practices

As industry experts, Douglas Machines Corp brings 40 years of knowledge and experience specializing in the food, nutraceutical, and distribution industries.  Our customers come from Retail Bakery, General Food Processing, Meats and Poultry, Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery, Pet Food, Confectionary, Produce, Seafood, Nutraceuticals, Pharma, Cannabis, Supermarket, Dairy, Refrigerated and Frozen Foods segments, all seeking guidance in meeting today’s highest standards for food safety.

You have questions.  We offer answers based on your needs.