Conveyor Belt Washing Systems

Douglas Machines' Cyclone Belt Washers are designed to remove fats, sugars, allergens and oils from a wide variety of open mesh and solid conveyor belts.

  • Models vary by the type of portable wash head provided which is matched to the application for maximum cleaning effectiveness.
  • The Cyclone Model C-RH has a has a Rotary Head for washing open mesh belts and the Cyclone Model C-LH has a Linear Head for washing solid belts.
  • The spray heads are matched to the width of the belt and provide complete coverage by adjusting the speed of rotation on the Rotary Head or the speed of travel on the Linear Head.
  • Both models are shipped complete with a portable cart that allows the system to be moved to various locations throughout the facility.
  • Water use is just 3 to 4 gallons per minute at 1500 to 2000 psi, which is far less than using a water hose or stationary spray bar.
  • Since one pass is normally all that is needed to clean surfaces, Douglas Machines' Cyclone Belt Washers can cut clean up time in half and significantly reduce change over time. They also extend belt life and eliminate the need for expensive detergents.

We are so confident that you will enjoy the benefits of our Cyclone Belt Washers that we even provide a performance warranty for recommended applications.

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Cyclone Rotary Head belt washing applications include Spiral Conveyors, Freezing Tunnels, Meat Fryers/Ovens or any other type of belt that allows for drainage. The portable Cyclones’ spray head features high pressure rotating nozzles to cut and remove stubborn soils from both the top and the bottom of belts in one pass. A portable cart allows you to move from one belt to another for quick cleanup. An optional "air blast" blower with portable air knives aids in drying.

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Cyclone Linear Head belt washing applications include a wide variety of Flat Top, Table Top and Slat Top conveyors or any other solid belt application where a clean in place approach is preferred. Designed for maximum cleaning effectiveness, the Cyclone’s Linear Spray Head - with speed and pressure adjustment – sweeps back and forth across the belt for complete coverage in one pass. A portable cart allows you to move from one belt to another for quick cleanup.


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